Car Lockout Solutions in Newport Beach

Car lockout is not a new story: your lost car key is somewhere in Newport Beach and you don’t know where. Perhaps you locked your car key in the car. Maybe you decided to go hardcore and lose your transponder key or break your ignition key in the ignition. Car lockout strikes even in Newport Beach and when it does, there’s no telling how you’ll feel. For some it’s the most humiliating event possible; for others, car lockout is just the icing on the cake of frustrating days. For us at Towing Newport Beach it’s just another way to serve the drivers of Newport Beach.

Car lockout is rough. It can be expensive to pay for a car locksmith or to get a specialized car key replaced. And the inconvenience of it all can be incredibly frustrating. This is why Towing Newport Beach has trained professionals who can be to your aid within 30 minutes of a call to our dispatcher.

Cool Tools to Help Newport Beach Car Lockout Victims

When it comes to getting car lockout resolved, often the first step is just getting the car door open. If the car key is just waiting inside on the seat, or perhaps the ignition key is still in the ignition, a locked door is incredibly frustrating, and no one wants to break a window. This is why it’s a great idea to call Towing Newport Beach. With their very simple but innovative tools our technicians can pop open a door or unlock a car, often quicker than a blink.

When a car lockout situation is more difficult than just a key locked inside, Towing Newport Beach can help replace a lost car key, even a lost transponder key. The transponder key is a car key that has a small computer chip inside it; without it the doors won’t open, and often the engine is immobilized. This is why a car locksmith charges a high price for one such lost car key and dealerships often charge even more. At Towing Newport Beach we have the ability to program transponder keys replace a lost car key and do so cheaper than anyone else.

For those situations where you’re tempted to try car lockout solutions yourself, just remember that professionals like Towing Newport Beach have the equipment and training. Towing Newport Beach can extract broken ignition keys and pop open locked doors and you’ll be able to drive away without being any worse for the wear.